Best USA VPN Providers for 2016

Online privacy and secure online activities are not possible without a USA VPN within American cyberspace. Every online move you make is being monitored by state surveillance, ISPs, 3rd party marketers or cybercriminals. The primary aim of a VPN designed for USA is to cancel out all surveillance and snooping to deny collection of your BIG DATA which includes your social preferences, buying behavior, travel history, online communication, wish lists, friend lists and personal data. In an Orwellian future where massive logs are being maintained on your online activities & identity, you need the defense the enemy can’t breach, a VPN for USA. The best VPN for USA will ensure your data is encrypted using leading edge military ciphering technology while completely securing your activities & identity. As mobile devices usage grows in North America, a VPN service for USA cyberspace has become necessity for all mobile device netizens.

Trend Providers Price Score Index Features Details
$2.49per month
    • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 80,000+ IPs in 141+ countries
    • iOS & Android apps are available
    • 24*7 live chat is available
    • 5 multi-logins available
    • Unlimited data transfer
    • Strict no logging policy
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$6.49per month
    • 25,000+ IPs in 60+ countries
    • iOS & Android apps are available
    • 24*7 live chat is not available
    • 2 multi-logins available
    • Strict no logging policy
    • Dedicated gaming servers
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$8.32per month
    • VPN Servers in 78+ countries>
    • iOS & Android apps are available
    • 24*7 live chat is available
    • 1 multi-login available on a single device
    • 30 day money back gurantee
    • Unlimited bandwidth & serverswitches
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$4.99per month
    • iOS & Android apps available
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • Over 113,000 IPs & 848+ servers in 167+ countries
    • PPTP, L2TP & OpenVPN protocols
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$4.84per month
    • 100 servers from 39 countries
    • Open VPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP supported
    • Kill Switch & auto reconnect included
    • 256 bit SSL orAES encryption
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USA VPN Service Benefits

A USA VPN helps you unblock fully and partially restricted websites such as Facebook, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Pandora, etc. These websites can be unblocked from any location and on any device, thanks to the advanced compatibility that is now becoming common amongst USA VPN services.However, accessing geo-restricted websites can prove to be a bit of a problem if there is no data security. Fortunately, a VPN offers encryption and tunneling as standard benefits. This provides exceptional internet anonymity and data security. This can prove to be a very valuable characteristic can using the internet in a region where government agencies carry out unwarranted surveillance.

A USA VPN is also advantageous because it helps improve security during public WiFi sessions. Public WiFi routers are usually unprotected and do not have any advanced security measures. Using a VPN when connecting to a public WiFi router can help ensure that hackers, malware injectors, phishers and scammers are in capable of tapping into your data stream.
Most VPN services not come with multi-login feature. Using multi-login, you can use a single your VPN account on your device and on your desktop/laptop at the same time. Some services offer as many as five multi-login.

USA VPN Proxy 

Most internet users perceived that VPN and proxy were the same thing, but eventually understood that the difference lies in the safety and security guarantee. Proxies connect you to geo-restricted sites, but do not provide you a virtual IP. As a result, you do manage to access all geo-restricted sites, but without any type of internet security or data encryption. If you use a proxy, anyone can track and easily find the site you are accessing. In addition, geo-restricted websites will be able to block your access since detecting proxy usage is easy. In most cases, websites ban the user's accounts when they notice that a user is attempting to access the website using proxy.
In comparison, a VPN not only provides you a virtual IP address to cloak your original IP address, but also encrypts your data so that no one can track you - not even your ISP. The VPN encryption process is the main characteristic that sets it apart from proxy. In addition to encrypting your data, a USA VPN creates a tunnel between you and the website, so that all the encrypted traffic goes through this tunnel. This makes you anonymous and also protects your data.

Users loved the convenience of unblocking websites with proxies. They were simple and they get the job done, even if you did have to try a few times before the proxy service connected. But this was ok until a few years ago, and then users started to notice that websites were becoming increasingly resilient to proxies. Some websites banned user accounts, others took action against proxies and the proxy services shut down, others simply refused to open through proxies any more. Other users ended up getting warning notices from their ISPs for accessing restricted content through proxy services. It was then that users started realizing the advantages of using VPN. If you live in the USA, then you should use USA VPN rather than a proxy. It not only gives you geo-restricted access but also secure you from any notice by connected to geo-restricted content.

Secure P2P & Torrent Downlaods with USA VPN

Copyright Fanatics

Movie production corporations and other copyright trolls have recently launched a full scale crackdown on P2P and torrent sharing websites in the USA. This campaign is being driven under the banner of copyrights protection & intellectual rights infringement. To avoid being implicated in copyright issues that do not concern you, choose the exclusive privacy & anonymity of a USA VPN service.

Mega Uploads creator Kim Dot Com is still undergoing serious legal repercussions after his online storage website Mega Uploads was shut down and tagged illegal by USA authorities. Although Kim Dot Com never had any assets or brand names operating in the USA he was still persecuted on the request of corporate “trolling” movie studios. 

Penalties & Fines

The campaign penalizes users who upload/download from P2P and torrent websites by sending them significant monetary fines. As a result, popular and trusted websites providing file sharing services are being served legal notices and are being forced to shut down.

Since it’s nearly impossible to shut down all of file sharing websites, the USA government is taking an alternate approach by targeting the audience of these file sharing websites. These penalties and fines can be avoided by using the exclusive tunneling & encryption features of the best VPN services USA.

IP Tracking

Users in the USA are tracked and subjected to legal action, even if the P2P and torrent website he/she uses is outside the USA. This is made possible by injecting baited data packets in download streams. These data packets are made traceable providing location and IP details of users.

In these cases, the ISP can either send you a warning, or disconnect your internet connection. Fortunately, tunneling and encryption provided by every USA VPN service are the perfect online anonymity tools for P2P and torrent upload/download activity. A USA VPN service will ensure your IP address is cloaked and impossible for even the ISP to identify your online activity.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are growing all over the USA as cafes, airports, buses & bus stations, train stations, libraries, schools & universities and practically every other commercial building has its own public Wi-Fi network.

The integrity of these networks is not just questionable but also dangerous especially for those who have no USA VPN service protection. Such public networks are the playground for hackers and third party marketers to infiltrate user devices with malware, bugs, Trojans and other malicious tools.

As it turns out these public Wi-Fi networks are also the starting point for government surveillance agencies to begin their spying. The number of users available to spy on these public Wi-Fi hotspots allows a larger target and millions of bytes of data for the NSA to steal from. The best USA VPN services give you the stealthier online protection and privacy you deserve on the internet.    

Online Freedom with the Best USA VPN Services

Understanding USA VPN Services

A VPN USA service by design is a remote connectivity (connecting to home servers/PCs from other locations) and data security tool. By design, a USA VPN creates a virtual connection between your device and its server utilizing the public internet.

This virtual connection is protected by what are known as tunneling protocols, complemented by data encryption algorithms to secure your online activity and data transfers.

If you have seen the Harry Potter movies consider the USA VPN as the invisibility cloak Harry was gifted by Dumbledore. When you surf USA internet without a VPN USA, you are like Harry going around Hogwarts noticed by everyone. Once you are connected to a USA VPN service consider yourself under the invisibility cloak, completely anonymous and all online activity private.  

Identity Protection: Cloaking Your IP Address with USA VPN

The primary attribute of the best USA VPN service is to hide or cloak your local IP address and replace it with one from the best VPN USA server. ISPs cannot track your online activity, hackers cannot trace your IP back to your device and surveillance agencies will lose track of your connection immediately. IP cloaking is a great feature offered by USA VPN service providers for bloggers, journalists, whistleblowers, teachers, researchers etc.

Privacy & Anonymity: Tunneling Protocols

The two most crucial aspects of USA VPN are IP address and data protection is tunneling protocols. Imagine sending a letter to your parents, you give it to your friend to drop it in the mailbox but your friend opens & reads it. Now if you would have written the message in a coded language/cipher (binary numbers or alpha numeric code) your friend could have never understood what’s in the letter.  

Tunneling protocols can be explained as the coding method you use to write the letter to your parents, while encryption can be explained as the key to decrypt your coded message (since every code needs a key to decrypt it). Subscribe to a VPN for USA to get this stealth security now.

Data Protection: USA VPN Encrypting your Data

Another significant feature of the best USA VPN service is its ability to code your data into complex algorithms ensuring even if the data is stolen it makes no sense to the hackers or illegal surveillance agencies.

Utilizing military grade data encryption technology the best USA VPN services convert your data transfers into random alpha numeric or binary characters, protecting data as it funnels through the secure USA VPN tunnel.    

For general computing and internet use the universal standards are 128bit & 256bit encryption keys. There are however more complex 1024bit and 2048bit encryption algorithms available for data transfers and certification.

These numbers 128,256, 1024 and so on denote the strength of encryption key to make data readable again. Using 256bit encryption keys once your data has been converted into nonsense it can then only be decoded using an encryption key. This 256bit key signifies that the code is made up of “256 character combinations of 0 & 1” (e.g. 11010101110000101100110100101100111000…) or mathematically 2256. 

The Tianhe-2 supercomputer (fastest super computer in the world) would take just about a billion years to compute through all the possible combinations of 256bit encryption algorithms. It would take 1038 Tianhe-2 supercomputers to break the 256bit in possibly 8 to 10 years.     

Avoid Deep Packet Inspection with VPN USA

By capturing small packets of data from your network ISPs, government surveillance tools, hackers and annoying marketers can see what you do online. The process of capturing and analyzing these data packets is termed deep packet inspection.  

The recent ruling of the USA Congress now demands that all ISPs retain 12 months of data of all their customers. This information includes netizens IP address, financial data, location and other personal data required to identify. ISPs accomplish this by inspecting packets sent to and from your devices recording every piece of online data you have encountered.

A USA VPN simply cancels out deep packet inspection through its many security & privacy features. ISPs or anyone for that matter can know nothing about what you do online, what data you send and receive plus who you communicate with.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions & Draconian Censorship

The growing censorship of news and entertainment websites also plagues USA cyberspace. ISPs are ordered to block access to websites deemed illegal by huge entertainment companies like Fox, Time Warner, Paramount, Sony and others.

A USA VPN gives you access to these blocked and geo-restricted websites by virtually placing you in another country. For example, if is blocked in the USA, a USA VPN service will allow you access through a UK VPN USA server.

Although users of these file sharing and streaming websites are not persecuted their info is still recorded by the ISP. VPN USA not only allow you full access to websites it also protects your identity when bypassing restrictions.     


Other Valuable Features of the Best USA VPN Services

The best USA VPN providers offer multiple benefits with their service bundles, which include:

Diverse Device & OS Compatibility

The diversity of devices and operating systems being used across the world requires that USA VPN services comply with most of them. Premium USA VPN services guarantee compatibility by addressing setup guides and troubleshooting provided on their websites.  

The best USA VPN services will offer compatibility with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux OS, plus, offer compatibility with hundreds of online devices like routers, streaming devices and smartphones.  

Worldwide Server Network

The best VPN USA offer extensive server networks spread strategically over the world to improve user connectivity. Most USA VPN providers have brilliant server presence within the USA due to the higher demand of bypassing geo-restrictions and securing privacy.

Since most entertainment services like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and many others are based in the USA a strong server presence is a requisite for premium USA VPN providers. Travelling netizens, expats and those employed abroad can readily access USA based services without having to face restrictions and blocks with the best VPN USA.   

Desktop & Mobile apps

As more and more people wake up to the concepts of online privacy and security, the need to make the usage process easier for USA VPN users of all levels. While advanced users can manually setup their VPN USA, novice and intermediate users can simply use state of the art desktop or mobile VPN USA apps.

These brilliant USA VPN apps are designed to ensure the configuration time is minimized, plus the USA VPN is easy to use.     

Exclusive DDoS attack protection

Although this feature is available through few premium USA VPN providers it is very crucial for online gaming and P2P & torrent engines while it serves brilliantly for users broadcasting videos on YouTube and Twitch.  

USA VPN DDoS protection is an excellent feature for those who live in regions with constant and severe denial of service attacks aimed to render websites or servers temporarily useless. Remember when the PS3 gaming network got hacked? No one could do anything, only users with a USA VPN managed to keep their data secure.

Zero Logging  

A critical feature of the best USA VPN services, Zero Logging establishes the principle “that no matter what you do online it’s not the VPN USA’s business to know”. This is where users have to be cautious since every single USA VPN service claims maintaining no logs.

Every USA VPN subscriber must read through the privacy policy of providers before you commit to the service even in the short term. The privacy policy will inform you what data in retained, for how long and who is entitled to get your data from the provider. This policy will also inform you about what activities the providers deems illegal over their service.  

Privacy is Every American’s Right: Concluding Remarks

The Bill of Rights provides exclusive rights to personal privacy and protection of personal information in the 4th and 5th Amendments. It is therefore the right of every USA citizen to pursue privacy even when online.

Constantly lobbied anti-privacy legislation, surveillance reforms and censorship law in the USA demands users take online privacy matters seriously. The important fact here is that VPN USA usage is not illegal neither is encrypting your data over the internet.

 Get protected online, value your privacy, stay anonymous and keep away from malicious advertising with the best USA VPN today.